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Stop the Foolishness Couple's Set

Stop the Foolishness Couple's Set

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Stop The Foolishness - For Husbands

Marriage can be a minefield of emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual obstacles and dangers, even for the most well-meaning couple. Many husbands go into this relationship with the best of intentions, but quickly fall prey to unhealthy, even toxic behaviors that threaten the foundation of their entire marriage.


Pastor Paul Arthurs draws on over 25 years of ministry and marriage counseling to design a step-by-step guide for husbands who want to save their marriage and transform their relationships with their wives--as well as their whole family and everyone else in their lives. Discover the dysfunctions that are holding you back as a godly man, and experience a whole new freedom that helps you fulfill the role of the husband God intended you to be!


Stop The Foolishness - For Wives

Ladies, are you wondering why your once-thriving marriage is now suddenly on the rocks in stormy weather? It's easy to put all the blame on your spouse when struggling in your union, but author and marriage therapist Fiona Arthurs is here to shine a light on the subtle, yet destructive behaviors women often engage in that lead to pain and chaos with their husbands.
In Stop the Foolishness, Fiona reveals the dangerous and deceptive behavior patterns that can be found in almost every marriage--but must be exposed and banished if you want to save your relationship!

Often, these patterns are unintentional and completely overlooked until the damage is done. Don't wait until it's too late! Claim a healthy, growing marriage inspired by Scripture and God's vision for a blessed union.


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