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WifeLife with Fiona!

“WifeLife with Fiona” is a ministry designed to create community, share wisdom, provide accountability and provide a safe place for wives to grow in their WifeLife; according to Proverbs 14:1.  Living the WifeLife can be isolating and lonely at times, when you feel like you are the only person experiencing the growing pains.  In “WifeLife with Fiona”, a wife will find community, be challenged to grow in her personal walk with the Lord, in her mental and emotional health, in her relating to her husband, and in her momlife, and in her relationships in-laws and much more!


Because WifeLife is for wives, we do not address what the husband should be doing; but we simply learn to do our part and trust God with the rest.  Proverbs 14:1 is our foundational scripture. 


A wise woman builds her home,

but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.


I believe that God has given the wife everything she needs to influence her marriage.

God did not say a wise man builds his house; but a wise woman does. I hold influence. I believe my husband is the architect and designer of our home, but as a woman, I must then take the blueprint and build my home.


The power of a woman is unfathomable. Have you noticed how you, as the woman, can control the atmosphere in your home? When you are agitated, annoyed, overwhelmed, happy, joyful; your family is as well. 


I believe the phrase “her own hands” refers to her actions. It is actions; both verbal and nonverbal, that we use to tear down our homes. We are creatures of influence, and our actions will either build our homes or place a time bomb under them. Not only does “her own hands” refer to her actions, but “her own hands” means that she can’t blame someone else for what is going on in her home. It’s “her own hands”—my own hands that destroy my home. The enemy that is destroying her home is not outside but within her. The greatest enemy to the health of a marriage is not ones husband; the greatest enemy is within the wife.


My dear sister, you hold the power in your hands (actions) to have a healthy and successful marriage.  If you are ready to be an irresistible wife, to gain influence over your husband; then you are in the right place. 

WifeLife Coaching

January 27, 2025

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